Dancing With Myself

Thursday was a miserable day, weather-wise. It rained all day on old snow that was three feet thick. There was no way to walk off the roads in the woods. Almost none of the activities that I do to quickly get some exercise (and get back to work) were on the table. The swimming pool has been closed with COVID restrictions for months. I’ve started cross country skiing again, but with the rain the snow was either gone or turning into slush. Hiking paths in the woods meant wading through wet snow up to your hips, and not even snow shoes would keep you above the slush.

I went for a walk on a road that doesn’t get much traffic, got to the end, came back, went down to the shops to get things that really could have waited but I just needed some exercise. I got home and my little step counter said I’d only done 7000 steps. I wanted to get to 10,000, but just because that was my goal for the day.

I found a solution! I turned on a Youtube radio station (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TrK49juPFg4) that plays groovy music, stripped down to my underwear and danced in my apartment, alone, for a half an hour. Oh, and with the phone in my hand so the step counter would work.

It put me in the best mood ever. Suddenly I was positive, happy, the music was wonderful to dance to and I realized that I can still shake that groove thing. It’s one more thing to put on the list of ways to pick myself up in COVID times.

Things are sad and depressing and there are people getting and sick and dying and this COVID life has been going on for a year….but there’s still great music out there. Go find some, and shake to it, alone or share on Zoom, or make a Tiktok video, but find your good-time groove and try to stay in that zone as much as possible.

Foro, not a lounge lizard, but a lounge cow, grooving to the Second Line Big Band’s version of “Stormy Weather”

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