Love is in the Air

My friend asked me if it was weird to listen to her neighbors having an orgasm on a Sunday morning.

But of course not! Make love, not war. Make love not CO2. Make love and walk around in a kind of post-coital blissful kind of way.

If there were more people out there happily making love, there would be fewer problems. I mean, who could make love and then go out and be mean to protestors? Or get all up in the air because you need to wear a mask? And it doesn’t even have to be making love, it can just be just spending time with someone you love (platonically, fraternally). It can be just spending time petting your cat. It can be looking at something beautiful: a flower, a sunset. It can be hugging your own Foro (because while my Foro is real, he is also a metaphor).

Relax folks. Love each other. Make love to each other. Be kind to each other. Hug someone you love today.

Foro wants you to hug someone today

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