Cow Hugger

Foro has changed my life, simply because I let myself be silly and stupid and immature and have a stuffed animal again, like I was a kid. It’s good for me not to take myself too seriously.

Some of you have read my earlier posts, and in them I described adopting a real cow (who I haven’t met yet, a project for this winter). Her name is Fiona, and I sponsor her as part of a Pro Specia Rara program. She’s a Hinterwälder cow, which is a sort of cow that’s neither specifically for meat or for milk production, and has a reputation for being hardy and agile. Fiona is breeding stock, and should be able to live out her life making little Foro’s for the world.

All of this has lead to me becoming a bit silly about cows. I had already reduced my meat consumption down to almost nothing, since I won’t eat pork or chicken (seeing at how disgusting industrial farming is for these animals), and now I don’t want to eat cows, even though they have better production conditions in my country. That leaves me fish (but only local since the whole rest of the industry is has a carbon imprint the size of Canada), squid is okay but octopus are so damned cute… get the picture. If they called ecologists “tree huggers” then I’m a “cow hugger”. And I thought that was a joke until……

Of course, now I want to hug a cow…..

Foro, infinitely huggable….

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