So I Can’t Pray

My step-sister is ill with COVID. She’s a nurse. She asked me to pray for her, but I can’t pray.

God for me is what’s left after our understanding of the world has reached its limit. It’s black matter. It’s space. It’s light years.

I believe that God is made by man, and not the other way around. Faith in God is what helps us keep trying to be better people even though we know we’re all going to die anyway. This faith is not for anyone but ourselves.

So I can’t pray. I don’t believe there’s a force out there that concerns itself with humans. There are forces out there, to be sure. Gravity, movement, electricity. But not some white guy with a beard who’s going to get into a sweat because someone I love dearly is sick.

So I can’t pray. But maybe everyone reading this can? Because I would love it if I were wrong, and my step-sister deserves all the love and prayers she can get.

Foro and dark matters

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