To nap or not to nap

I hate when I don’t do anything in particular with my summer vacations from teaching, so I usually organize things. So I’m studying German again this summer, and my capacity in this language is getting better and better.

The problem is that I never had that catch-up-sleep-as-much-as-you-want time that should begin any vacation worthy of its name. I keep waking up at a very reasonable 6:15 am, and have an unstressed breakfast with my partner. I leave the house at 7:30 take the train at 7:45 and arrive early for my class. I have a coffee before it starts.

But I’m sleepy nearly all the time, and when I nap, it’s just as if I didn’t do anything with my day. I feel all heavy and lethargic. I also need to be prepping classes, and I can’t seem to make time for it, what with homework, cooking dinner, getting in some yoga and exercise.

So I’m thinking I should be like cows, and have a cud chewing session. Not quite a nap, but just a stare off into space and let the time pass for a few minutes. I keep staring at Foro, wondering if he could give me some advice, but he remains silent on this matter. Have to figure this one out for myself.

Foro, in zen mode.

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