Foro has a sweater! I never thought he could get any more adorable, but there you have it!

Jester on the left, Foro on the right

My oldest friend has a sheep farm in Kentucky. She is able to do everything with wool. Her sheep Jester provided the wool for this lovely sweater that Foro is wearing and she knitted it herself, for Foro. You can find out more about her here:

Foro got a postcard as well, explaining the origins of the wool. Jester was a Jacob sheep, one of her oldest and dearest. So this is not just any sweater, this is 100% shared love.

I don’t even know where to start with the gratitude list today. First is just the fact that I managed to be friends with someone as cool as the lady at Punkin’s Patch. We met when we were twelve maybe? 7th grade, whatever that is. How could I have gotten so lucky as to get to know someone who is so….adjectives escape me: kind, smart, fun, gentle, talented and I could go on and on. I’m so lucky to count as one of her friends, and to count her as one of mine. I was never that cool, especially not when I was twelve.

This helps me so much. I’m visiting my dad, who’s got cancer. It may be my last time seeing him and the hurt is so strong that I feel like it could blow me away.

The following memory may not be completely accurate, but here’s how I remember it: when we were twelve, my friend and I would play in on a teeter totter and one day a week, the school sold popcorn in little brown bags. We were in the teeter totter area when the wind started to blow, turning the empty brown bags around in a circle, up and up until they blew away. I remember we spent the lunch break throwing the bags up so that they would get caught in the wind and blow over the roof top and escape.

I feel like that now. I am unanchored, light as a brown paper bag. And my friend is there helping me to escape into the wind.

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