Spread the Foro

My friend has a newborn girl, and I stopped by to see them yesterday. They live close to many things, but not particularly close to public transportation, my house or my work, so it took some organizing.

Of course I wanted to bring a gift, so I thought I’d look up if a Foro was appropriate. I could never give away my Foro, but his model was made in China and is sold, like, everywhere. So I looked him up.

The brand is called Toodo. It’s Swiss. https://www.toodo.ch/en/

The good news is a Foro (a.k.a. a long legged cow) is safe for children 0 and up. There are rabbits, giraffes, bunnies and tigers. I didn’t want to insist that my friend’s child will want a cow, so I offered a bunny as well. She may want a bunny. The bunny is pretty cute, too. The company has this whole bit about their laudable corporate ethics on their site, so it seems like it’s a good company that makes a quality product.

What is a bit remarkable is that this cow that I offered has a completely different facial expression than my Foro. His belly was less filled out and his cheeks fatter.

I feel like a bit of an idiot (okay, a huge idiot) sometimes with the idea of having a blog about a stuffed cow, but this cow which, by utter accident, has followed me around now for three years actually does have a “personality” that goes with his face.

He really does help me focus on the important things in life. I’m incredibly stressed out at the moment. I haven’t written about it much, but I’m going to see my father in a couple of days. He’s ill with the thing that is probably going to kill him sooner rather than later. I haven’t been writing about it here much but it’s because I just can’t think about it and get anything done.

Foro has helped me focus on other things. I know I can do that without a stuffed cow, but it’s easier with a prop. I come home, see the cow, and smile.

Foro is about: sharing rather than being selfish, forgiving myself when I am not up to par (why did I yell at that woman on her bike yesterday? Why do I care if she’s trying to run me over to rush up to the next red light?), being kinder, being softer, believing in myself.

These are all pretty good things to share with my friend’s little girl. I’m happy to spread the Foro.

I didn’t ask permission to share a photo of my friend’s baby, so the photo is pretty severely cropped. Hopefully both of them will have a long and happy life!

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