We are sponsoring a cow! A Hinterwälder named Fiona.

This is a direct result of Foro, a cute little stuffed toy that I bought in a supermarket, now having real world influence (in addition to getting a blog named after him. That’s a lot of influence for a creature sold with a heap of other more or less identical items from some factory in China)

Foro was intended to be a gift to the student with the best photo exposition from our first day of a school trip. The kids were so awful, however, that we didn’t even finish the trip and I kept the yet unnamed stuffed cow.

He has since come to mean a lot things to me 1) that bad memories can bring good things 2) that soft, cute things are not just for kids but I need them, too 3) that is healthy to try to cultivate positive thoughts (and when I can’t manage, just hugging a stuffed cow can make the negative ones have less hold over me.)

Foro makes me happy, and I wanted to make a real creature in this world happy, too. I’m sponsoring through Pro Specie Rare in Switzerland: We picked a Hinterwälder because they look the most like Foro. The group sent me a small certificate, saying that I am, in particular, sponsoring a cow named Fiona. She is not destined to wind up butchered, which was one of the things I requested.

Hinterwälder cows are a local sort of breed, and they are meant to be both good for meat and milk production. They are hardy and not as disease prone as other milk cows. I can even arrange a visit someday!

In the meantime, Foro and I are on the road, going to work first, then my partner’s place on the other side of the country. People look at me on the train a bit oddly, since I pull Foro out of his travel sack for us to enjoy the view together, but maybe we’ll catch sight of Fiona along the way….

Fiona spotting

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