Tuckett Refuge and some climbs

We’ve had two days of good enough weather to try out some climbs in the Brenta Dolomites. Yesterday we tried the Kiene route on the Castelleto Inferiore (the higher peak in the photo). I think we got a bit lost because the last two pitches were easier than the topo guide said. The beginning we got right though.

Today we headed off for another cliff but it was spewing water, so we came back to the same area as yesterday and climbed the little peak to the left in the photo (Figlio de Castelletto).

It rained a bit as we were coming down, not long and not much but enough to make everything wet. It was an easy climb but we had problems with the rope coming down. It was frustrating to have the rope wrapping around itself while getting rained on and not being able to go any faster.

I find refuge life quite difficult sometimes. Last night we had snorers who kept me up most of the night. Tonight I’m predicting a war between the ‘leave the window open’ or ‘leave the window closed’ people. I tend to greet people with a huge smile because you never know who’s going to be your bunk mate and it’s better to start out with them liking you.

Tomorrow we head to Merano. I know nothing about Merano! I hope it’s nice. There’s a youth hostel there and it’s time to wash clothes.

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