Life changes when the weather is good. There are nice things about bad weather, I’ll admit; they’re a good excuse to stay in and read, take baths, call friends or play games, and you can always convince yourself that nature needs rain. I can also really get into a walk in a rainy woods, or cross country skiing on a snowy day. But I’ve been waking up to sunny days for over a week now, and it’s like my joy is endless.

In addition, I’ll get to see friends this weekend, and ski with them, and see another friend who I love but don’t get to see that often. All is good. All is sooooo good. All is almost too good, and (me being of this sort of nature) I’m sort of wondering if there’s something up? I keep doing self exams (do I feel a lump there?) but those moments of paranoia disappear under the sunlight. The beautiful sunlight.

One more beautiful day begins with Foro

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