There are too many things I want to do right now, and only one of them is work. I want to learn to make fun stuff with Arduino and Raspberry Pi. I want to learn German (or get further along than I am at the moment). I want to write (I have an idea for a science fiction story which amuses me greatly, but it needs time…plus the blog. They all need time.

In addition to all that, I want to stay in shape, practice yoga and prepare for my yoga teacher training this summer. I want to climb, and ski, and generally stay in shape. I want to do my utter minimum of meditation as often as I can during the week. I also want to have time to read.

I want to spend time with my friends and boyfriend, and occasionally watch a movie. And sometimes sleep in and just spend a morning putzing around.

Sigh….I just need to figure out a way to be super organized, and much of this I can manage to do, right?

Foro, Arduino champion! But can he help me with my weekly planning?

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