The Measure of Things

Foro has good news! He’s been offered a hand knit sweater by the author of Punkin’s Patch ( He was offered a while ago, back in July, but I only spent one day at home all summer and didn’t have any way of measuring him.

I should say that the author is the sort of friend that I am so lucky to know. We met when we were young and awkward (we’ve now reached the age that we can get by with eccentric). She’s an amazing woman so check out her blog, or follow the farm activities on Twitter. I only have Foro’s cuteness to rely on, but she has sheep and dogs and 20.

Foro’s belly is about 7cm long, or around 2.5 inches
He’s about 16.5 at the neck, so 6 and half inches
Arms’s about 7 cm….and
Belly is about 24cm, so around 9.5 inches

We’re VERY excited about the sweater. It seems like knitting something that small will be a very fussy and complicated thing to do. I’m pretty impressed, and very grateful. Winter is coming, and Foro will finally be prepared!

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