The Taming of the Shrew

There are often students who wake me up at night. Sometimes it's because I'm worried about them, but sometimes it's because they're annoying. Back in the past, I had one student who I would truly classify as evil; he liked making other students cry, like, that made him happy. He kept me up at night,... Continue Reading →

Étude de Zizi

Thermal baths for a foggy day I went to a thermal bath in in Germany for the first time. I kind of like saunas and whatnot and have been to quite a few. Germans often do sauna type activities naked, so I saw a lot of male parts today. I can say globally, overall, men’s... Continue Reading →


Not being sick is the wealth of healthy people, who forget how much their health is tied to their happiness. This is certainly my greatest "sin"; not appreciating the excellent health that I have most of the time. You don't miss your water, 'til your well's run dry... I only have the flu, and I... Continue Reading →

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