The motivation to get out of bed is waning. I can't say that I've been bored by being off work with the confinement. I don't get bored, but I do lose motivation to do things. I'm wondering if that's the same thing? I do ten minutes of sitting meditation before doing 45 minutes of yoga,... Continue Reading →

Chinese Man

There was a funny story I heard once. A man was traveling with a friend in China, and he got up from his cherished seat on a long, long train ride (more than a few hours) for an elderly gentlemen to sit down. His Chinese friend was furious. "Why did you get up? You had... Continue Reading →

And other people die

My friend died a few days ago. I don't think it was a COVID death, but people die anyway of other things. Apparently she had a cough but had been feeling better. She was a very young 70ish. I can't believe she's gone. But when I write here, I need to make sure that every... Continue Reading →

Working at Home

There is this part of working at home that some of my students don't really get. There's that word "working". (My real question is, how can I be so irritated with my students even when I don't see them?) One girl has had homework to do since April 2nd. I've sent her four emails and... Continue Reading →

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