All For Me

Sometimes I get all the space for myself....but I'd rather share it.  Like many things in life, being happy is one thing, but sharing happiness makes it real, so share your happiness today.  If you can't hug a cow (recommended, even if real cows are not necessarily that thrilled about being hugged) then hug a... Continue Reading →

The Mutiny

  This bit of flash fiction was written by my friend in 2013, published in the Lightship Anthology. In spite of her attempts to eradicate  animism from her beliefs, it's still there, and hence, I live.   The Mutiny She said goodnight to her bike as she parked it in the garage, wondering what it... Continue Reading →


This is my commute: I will not say my 'owner' (because I am not owned, and nothing is really owned in this world, anyway). She is the person who picked me off a rack of other cows in a shop. She had other hopes for me in the beginning. She wanted to share me with... Continue Reading →

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