To nap or not to nap

I hate when I don't do anything in particular with my summer vacations from teaching, so I usually organize things. So I'm studying German again this summer, and my capacity in this language is getting better and better. The problem is that I never had that catch-up-sleep-as-much-as-you-want time that should begin any vacation worthy of... Continue Reading →

Lean On Me

Been watching the news, and the discussions of race in the US and elsewhere. At some point in Washington D.C., there was a performer singing "Lean On Me" by Bill Withers. He stopped singing, and the crowd went along singing without him. I realized that I knew all the words and I could have joined... Continue Reading →


The irony of the Corona world we live in is that I've never been healthier, or personally happier. I'll add in the caveats right away; I'm scared for my family and the world, I'm sad that so many people are suffering and that so many have lost their jobs and/or their loved ones. It's entirely... Continue Reading →

A Three Hour Tour

I left Thursday morning to go to work with all of my stuff for the weekend at my partner's place....and now the country is in semi lock-down for the Coronavirus. I feel like I'm on Gilligan's Island, where they left for a three hour tour and spent years (or three TV seasons) on an "uncharted... Continue Reading →

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