Post Tenebras Lux

Foro came home with me this week. When I keep him at home with me all the time, I get a bit silly over him. I mean, he's a stuffed cow and it's not like I'm a kid. So I carry him over to my partner's place and he stays there for a week. The... Continue Reading →


Why a cow? Because cows ruminate, which is "to meditate or muse, ponder". A blog about ruminations requires a cow. Requires Foro.... Here is Foro thinking about his day.... Foro is thinking about how beautiful spring is, and how nice it is to have friends, and how much he loves his family, and that he’s... Continue Reading →

All For Me

Sometimes I get all the space for myself....but I'd rather share it.  Like many things in life, being happy is one thing, but sharing happiness makes it real, so share your happiness today.  If you can't hug a cow (recommended, even if real cows are not necessarily that thrilled about being hugged) then hug a... Continue Reading →

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